Jennifer Lopez altered features

I’m not sure if you have seen recent photos of Jennifer Lopez after getting together with Mark Anthony, but she seems to have let herself go quite a bit. After so much trouble getting her face and body in shape for stardom! Which brings me to the topic of the day: J-Lo and surgery.

I just found undeniable evidence that the bitchy Puerto Rican singer is not as natural as she claims to be. Check out the photo above, and you, as me, will be able to tell that her nose and cheekbones have been altered in the recent past.

Something else that is not all natural in her body is her humongous butt. When the Lopez filmed Money Train her ass was a little big, but nothing out of the ordinary. Then, two years later, in Selena, it was a massive thing.

Don’t worry, I’ll find some photos and post them here, just to prove my point. Stay tuned!

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