Another “Real Reason” why Tom Cruise was fired

Despite yesterday’s reports that Tom Cruise had been canned because of his statements about Brooke Shield, MSNBC has published an article today that claims that the real reason is that stars like Tom Cruise, who got paid up to $20 million for a movie, are not bringing in the big bucks in return anymore.

"Star paychecks (…) are getting clipped because Hollywood studios have less money to spread around. After decades of solid growth, annual box office receipts recently leveled off at about $9 billion — and then began falling last year." reads the article, and adds: "the breakup was also based on a more fundamental business decision: High-priced stars like Cruise just aren’t producing the box-office payoffs they used to. Once considered a safe bet for their ability to reliably draw people to theaters, “bankable” stars are becoming a dying breed, no longer able to command fat, upfront paychecks."

May be now that he is not worth that much, I’ll run into him at my local Wal-Mart, when he goes to buy formula for Suri.

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