Scarlett Johansson against anorexia

I have to thank Scarlett Johansson for standing up for all normal-looking-non-anorexic women that walk this Earth. The beautiful actress criticized the movie and fashion industries that encourage females to look like they just came out of a concentration camp.

Speaking against the current fashion of getting an eating disorder in… err… order to get thin, she says:

"I try to stay fit and eat healthily, but I’m not anxious to starve myself and become unnaturally thin. I don’t find that look attractive on women and I don’t want to become part of that trend. It’s unhealthy and it puts too much pressure on women in general who are being fed this image of the ideal, which it is not. I think America has become obsessed with dieting rather than focusing on eating well, exercising and living a healthy life. I also think that being ultra-thin is not sexy at all. Women shouldn’t be forced to conform to unrealistic and unhealthy body images that the media promote. I don’t need to be skinny to be sexy."

Here, some pictures of Scarlett Johansson showing her curves in Venice.

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