Paris Hilton admits she is dumb

Just when you thought we had given up on Paris Hilton since we haven’t written a single word about her for a whole three days, we are back on the saddle with her latest statement to LAPD where she admits that is a dumb as a rock. Such statement came as a result of Paris being interrogated regarding the armed home invation of Girls Gone Wild producer Joe Francis, and these are her exact words:

"Like I really … I don’t remember. I’m not like that smart"

Also, regarding her own sex tapes, Paris said:

"They … wanted money. They were tryin’ to sell it to like a newspaper or something," said Hilton, who balked at paying – and chalked it up to advice from dear old Dad. "So if you pay somebody, then you’re gonna be paying for the rest of your life," Hilton said. "My dad always taught me. They’ll keep the tape anyway."

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