Madonna gets publicly b*tched out

A letter written by one of the members of the British charity that funds the African orphanage where Madonna found her new black baby, has made public. Said letter says:

"We have been very disturbed that the Home of Hope appears to have been described as a place where children are not cared for properly. We must stress that no money has come to the Home as a result of this adoption, and the financial resources at the Home are very limited. We are desperately worried that people will cease donating as a result of Madonna’s comments, and that this will make a difference between life and death for some of the most vulnerable children at the Home."

Obviously, the author of the letter is afraid that Madonna’s comments regarding the state of the orphanage will lead to fewer donations… My question is: why instead of bitching about what Madonna has said, don’t they give these poor kids better living conditions with the money they have actually gotten as donations?

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