Clay Aiken, American Diva

Has the American Idol muppet turned into a diva? According to one ex-fan, Clay Aiken has let the adoration of thousands of tweens go to his head.

TMZ has the story of disillusioned Claymate, 15 year old, Joshua Willard.

Willard says Aiken was rude to audience members and told several people to sit down and cover their mouth. Clay even showed a raunchier side by pretending he had flatulence every time feedback came through the speakers. Talk about making a stink!

An hour after the show, Willard got to meet Clay, but says that Miss Thing was “snotty” and acted like he was too good for his little fans. The former Claymates were even told not to take individual pictures with Aiken, only group shots. Willard is devastated and says that due to Aiken’s behavior, he now “could care less of Clay.”

Be careful, Clay. Piss off the teen crowd and you’ll find your CD’s in the bargain bin along with NSYNC and Menudo.

One more thing, what has happened to this guy? He looks like my fat Aunt Clara.

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