Courtney Love Wants to Judge American Idol

Courtney Love wants to be an American Idol judge. And if that doesn’t scare the contestants right off the stage nothing will. US Weekly is reporting that Courtney Love has been approached to replace Paula Abdul at the judges table.

From USmagazine:

“He called,” Love tells “He was wondering if I was interested. I thought it was kind of weird but brilliant.” But a source tells that Lythgoe was considering having Love “replace Paula.”

At least when Paula Abdul acts like a nutcase, you know she’s harmless. Like a doped up puppy. But Courtney Love is a different kind of crazy. She’ll probably jump on stage and start painting zodiac signs on the contestants faces with lipstick. And those will be the ones she likes.

Britney Spears Wants Sexy Back

Is Britney Spears trying to win back Mr. Sexy-Back? Rumor has it that Brit may be pinning her hopes on getting back with former love Justin Timberlake.

A source says:

Britney gets an ego boost by parading her piece of eye candy around! Britney hopes Justin will think more of her now she’s been seen with a successful guy like Isaac, because she isn’t hanging out with a loser like Kevin anymore. She wants to prove she can still land a good-looking and desirable guy.”

Maybe Britney hasn’t seen Jessica Biel lately. Ther is no way JT is going to dump that gorgeous girl to get back with an underwear-impaired, bad press magnet with two kids and a messy divorce up ahead. There’s baggage and then there’s Britney. She might as well have American Tourister tattooed on her forehead.

Paris Hilton Sues ParisExposed

Paris Hilton has filed a law suit against the mad genius behind the website Can you say “too little, way too late.”

From CNN:

In her lawsuit, Hilton said she put her possessions in storage two years ago when she and her sister, Nicky, moved out of a house that had been burglarized.

The 25-year-old heiress said a moving company was supposed to pay the storage fees and was “shocked and surprised” to learn her belongings were sold at a public auction.

“I was appalled to learn that people are exploiting my and my sisters’ private personal belongings for commercial gain,” Hilton said in a declaration supporting the lawsuit, adding she was concerned the information could be used for identity theft or harassment.

The lawsuit alleges defendants Nabil and Nabila Haniss paid $2,775 for the contents of the storage unit and later sold the items for $10 million to entrepreneur Bardia Persa, who created the site

Hilton’s publicist Elliot Mintz said that she would like the site shut down and “would like all of these items returned to her.”

Ok, lesson one, you don’t let the moving company pack your sex tapes, naked photos and bongs. That’s the kind of stuff you pack in the bottom of a box, seal with five layers of tape and then move yourself. Duh.

Lesson two, sue before the website plasters your nasty ass all over the internet. Duh, again.

Don’t Feel Pressured to Be Like Posh

Victoria Beckham has banned super skinny models from her fashion line. So, who exactly is left to fit into those clothes?

A source says:

“Victoria wants to give out a positive image that you don’t have to be ultra skinny to look good.

“Many of the models on the catwalk make young girls feel insecure about their own bodies.

“Victoria doesn’t want to be accused of giving young girls a complex about their image and putting pressure on them to be as skinny as her.”

Ummm, I’m speechless. Actually, I’m never speechless, but this is as close as it gets. This is so stupid and hypocritical that I don’t even have the words to tell you how stupid and hypocritical it is. It’s like Tom Cruise telling you he doesn’t want you to convert to Scientology as he bashes you over the head with a hardcover copy of Dianetics.

Posh, the only positive image you portray is that its ok to be a twig. And honestly, I don’t think the trees need the boost.

Victoria Beckham Too Cheap For Scientology

Victoria Beckham won’t be joining the celebrity Scientologists. In spite of being buddies with Scientology poster children (of the corn) Tom Cruise and Katie/Kate Holmes, Posh Spice has no desire to hang out at the Celebrity Center.

A friend says:

It’s completely laughable that there’s even talk of her becoming a Scientologist. Just because people are friends with someone doesn’t mean they do everything they do. Scientology is like kabbala in that it’s become all about money. Kabbala bracelets are now $28! It’s a joke…Scientology is an expensive religion; Victoria is too cheap to convert.”

That just makes my day. Posh chooses her faith based on the price of the souveniers in the gift shop. I love the fact that she calls it like she sees it where money and trendy religions are concerned, but it loses something in translation considering the fact that her husband just signed a $250 million contract. Seriously, how much does that spaceship cost?

Hilary Duff Gets Her Party On

Say it isn’t so. Hilary Duff has gone to the darkside. The sweet faced star and her sister were spotted at Hollywood hot spot, Hyde, as drunk as Lindsay Lohan and as slutty as Paris Hilton.

From Us Magazine:

“It was kind of inappropriate,” the onlooker sneers. “She was pretty drunk and staggering around the bathroom, bumping into people and shrieking that her gay male friend had a vagina so it was okay for him to be there.” The sisters continued to party Paris Hilton-style throughout the night at a VIP table, where our source says they were “all over” their two man-dates. Haylie 21, whispered in the ear of her 30-ish-year-old date while kissing his neck. Hilary perched on her date’s lap, laughing and flirting with her own older man. Says the source: “When I’ve seen Hilary out in the past, she has been relatively composed, but tonight she was acting pretty wild.”

So Lizzie McGuire wants to prove that she can skank it up with the best of them. You know there’ snothing wrong with being the good girl in a sea of herpes riddled, stumbling drunk disgraces. Hell, to be the good girl in that group all you need to do is wear underwear. If there’s a Hilary Duff upskirt on the way, I’ll know she’s lost to us forever.

TR Knight May Leave Grey’s Anatomy

We all know there’s trouble on the Grey’s Anatomy set, but the mega-hit medical drama has still managed to clean up at the awards shows this year. But, is TR Knight ready to call it quits? Some say, yes indeed.


The actor was the subject of a widely-publicized homophobic slur by a cast mate and he “is so upset about the situation and so disgusted by how it was all handled,” that he’s planning to leave the show, says a source.

“He was told not to say anything about the whole incident,” says the insider, referring to an on-set dust up in October when fellow cast member Isaiah Washington referred to Knight, who plays Dr. George O’Malley, with a derogatory word used to describe gay men.

Now I’m all for standing by your beliefs, but there are principles and then there are paychecks. Sure TR Knight has a right to be pissed, but walking away from a hit show is not the way to make yourself feel better. Well, you might feel better, but you’ll be unemployed and you won’t even be able to land a guest spot on Sesame Street. David Caruso, dude, that’s all I’m saying.

Miss USA Out of Rehab

Miss USA has served her time in wild-girl rehab and is back on the streets. Tara Conner, aka the freakiest Miss USA ever, admits that she has a problem with alcohol and has vowed to help others. Awww, isn’t that all sober and sweet?

From People:

I didn’t think I had any kind of issue going into rehab. I even said, ‘I’ll get some free therapy,’ or something like that – and that was so ridiculous,” says Conner. “But I’ve realized I do have an issue. I suffer from the disease of alcoholism and addiction. And if there’s anything that I want people to know it’s the severity of this disease and what it can do to people.”

Is it just me, or does it sound like Miss USA got grounded and now she’s trying to convince her parents that she learned her lesson when really she’s just plotting how to sneak out for the next party?

Did Paris Expose Herself?

Paris Hilton is telling the world that she’s fightin’ mad about the private videos and pictures from her confiscated storage locker that are clogging the internet.

But The Rad Report has a different story. Citing a “super credible source,” they claim that the STD socialite is behind the whole eye-burning drama. And they claim that she’s getting a big payday from it too.

Why have the Paris Exposed videos been edited? Why is there none of her friends in the tapes. And who films themselves naked but doesn’t have sex?

You know, there’s a whole bunch of stuff Paris Hilton does naked that I can’t figure out. But I do like the conspiracy theory. Maybe Paris leaked the videos and then ran back to her hideout in Roswell to play with her UFO…naked of course.

Celebrities Go Disney

David Beckham, Scarlett Johansson Beyonce and more are playing dress-up for Disney. Annie Liebovitz is photographing the celebs portraying famous Disney characters as part of Disney’s Year of a Million Dreams bonanza.

Becks decided that he fits the bill as Prince Charming, complete with sword, white horse and fire breathing dragon.

“There were many Disney characters I liked as a kid,” Beckham said in a statement released by Disney on Friday.

“Now my sons love the Disney characters and it’s a big part of their lives, a big part of many children’s lives around the world. So to be part of that is an honor and very exciting,” he said.

Check out the pics of Scarlett as Cinderella (wearing a designer gown and a 62 carat Harry Winston tiara) and Beyonce as Alice in Wonderland. And is that Lyle Lovett sitting in the teacup?

This whole thing is just a little too “look at the pretty celebrities” for me to support. Now if there were a few shots of Hilary Clinton as the Wicked Witch and Tom Cruise as Cruella del Ville, that I could get behind.