Brandon Davis is Too Sexy for Words

Ok, there’s ugly, there’s nasty, there’s disgusting and then there’s so gross that not even your daddy’s billions can make you even remotely attractive. That last category of fugly is where you’ll find Brandon Davis. He’s lucky tie-dyed Greenpeace activists haven’t tried to roll him down the beach and back into the water.

If the sweat dripping from every pore on his body doesn’t thrill you, then maybe the ripples of fat will turn you on. That is if you can survive the stench of cigarettes and yesterday’s booze.

And I just can’t help but mention that the man who’s biggest claim to fame is a tirade against Lindsay Lohan’s nether regions, seems to have developed a “firecrotch” of his own. Dude, they make ointment for that kind of thing.

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