Leonardo DiCaprio Becomes a Dad

And the Hollywood adoption train just keeps chugging along. Page Six reports that Leonardo DiCaprio has adopted an African child…sort of.

Being wifeless, he does not plan to raise the child, live with the child or endure any long nights rocking it to sleep. His support will be a monthly check. While in South Africa making “Blood Diamond,” he met a little girl from an orphanage. Played with her, talked with her, became fascinated by her. He’s now “adopted” her, and parenting will continue by phone.

So, this girl is just going to be the best dressed child in the orphange. I hope the other kids don’t swipe her Jimmy Choos. Seriously, I didn’t know long distance parenting was an option. Sign me up for that. Spit up is much cuter when viewed in an email.

Given the adoption fad sweeping Hollywood, I’m expecting African orphans to be included in the swag bags at all the hot awards shows this year.

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