Sienna Miller Acts Out

Sienna Miller has a nasty side. Which actually makes me like her a little more. While in New York, the suddenly famous for more than her failed relationships Sienna took out her frustrations on a pushy photographer.

From TMZ:

The “Factory Girl” star was headed into a NYC building when she was ambushed by flashes, but instead of her usual smile and duck technique, Miss Miller opted for a camera shove perfected by her ex, Jude Law.

Sienna’s technique scores a 7 on the freakout scale, but she definitely loses style points for wearing white boots with black jeans.

How long before the offended photographer starts sporting a nose bandage and files a lawsuit? Of course then he’d have to admit he got stomped by a skinny British chick. Oh, and the boots are in fact hideous, but Sienna has been all about fashion flops recently. Even an entertaining dose of crazy can’t fix ugly.

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