Vanessa Minnillo Has Jessica Issues

If you’re blond and big-boobed, don’t try to say howdy to Nick Lachey when new girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo is around. Apparently, the music video mouth has some Jessica issues.

The New York Daily News is reporting that a Jessica look-a-like tried to give her digits to the former Mr. Simpson while he and Vanessa were at Plumm in NYC.

“Minnillo started yelling, “We have to talk!” before leaving the club in a huff, says our spywitness. Lachey followed, opening the door of a cab for his miffed gal pal, who ignored him and hopped into another.”

I’m getting the feeling that Nick doesn’t know how to pick a low-maintenance girl. He must have a melodrama fetish. Poor guy, he might as well just give this one his manhood in a box for a wedding present. That’s asusming he got it back from Jess in the divorce.

Here are some recent pics of Nick and the anti-Jessica at a Lakers game.

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