Paula Abdul Faces Lawsuit Over New Reality Show

Paula Abdul is a cold hearted snake, or so says one television production company. Pilgrim Films and Televsion is suing the American Idol judge for allegedly tanking a reality show based on her life and then secretly taking the show idea to another network.

From TMZ:

The suit claims PFTV was trying to get the show back on track by selling it to Oxygen. But PFTV claims Abdul allegedly came clean and told the peeps at PFTV that “she had secretly taken PFTV’s ‘Hey Paula’ project … to Bravo.” The suit claims she never mentioned that Russo was allegedly in on it. On January 12, Bravo announced “Hey Paula” will debut sometime this year on the cable network.

Isn’t the real issue here the fact that more than one network was willing to air a reality show about Paula Abdul? What’s the premise, watch Paula slur vague compliments and stumble around the set clapping like a runt seal who wants the tourists to toss her a fish? I’d rather watch a reality show about Simon Cowell. Actually I’d rather watch a reality show about the thrilling life of a celebrity gossip whore, but nobody’s asked me yet.

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