Brandy’s Wallet is Being Sued

2007 is not shaping up to be a good year for Brandy. The star is being sued twice by the same family for her involvement in a December car crash that resulted in a woman’s death.

From WNBC:

A second wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against singer-actress Brandy because of a Los Angeles freeway crash in December.

The suit was filed on behalf of the two sons of Awatef Aboudihaj, who was killed in the crash after Brandy’s SUV struck the back of her Honda.

The suit said unspecified injuries to the children will likely cause some permanent disability. Damages will be determined at trial.

This lawsuit is in addition to the one the family has already filed for $50 million. Yeah, like Brandy’s got $50 million. Do they not know that Moesha has been off the air for years? The family would be lucky to get Brandy’s crunched SUV. Unless baby brother Ray-J wants to front some the cash he got for that Kim K. sex tape…

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