Brad Pitt Snubs Oscar

Did anyone else find it a little odd that Brad Pitt skipped the Academy Awards this year? I ask not just because I missed seeing the super hot Brad all dolled up, but because it seems odd that he would snub the ceremony. His film Babel had a bunch of nominations, including one for co-star Cate Blanchett, and Brad was a producer on The Departed which won for Best Picture.

Brad’s rep claims that Brad was too busy working to attend. Sure, that must be it. Or could it be that Brad, who is supposedly above everything Hollywood now that he has Angelina and the kids, is feeling a bit neglected by Oscar? After all, George Clooney and Matt Damon both have the little blad guys sitting on their shelves. That must make bar-b-ques a little awkward. I predict we’ll be seeing Brad play a quadrapeligic teacher who teaches a mute boy to sing in his next movie…that should get him a nomination.

Oh, and how cute are these kids? If this family gets any prettier I may throw up.

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