Antonella Barba Honors Vets by Getting Nearly Naked

Well, I did a pretty good job avoiding the whole Antonella Barba is American Idol’s resident skank bandwagon up until now. But then I saw these photos of Antonella humping the World War II National Memorial in Washington DC and I couldn’t resist. Because nothing honors veterans quite like getting naked and rolling around on their monuments.

The chick has yet to be booted off American Idol. Being an internet ho must be a pretty good way to get votes, because the girl sucks (and not just in the good way). But I think that’s all for the best. Clearly her dream is not to be a pop star. It seems obvious that her real dream is to pose for Playboy. There are so many slutty pictures of this girl around that I don’t think she does anything but prance around naked. And silly me, I didn’t know that posing for dity pictures was a major at Catholic University. If I’d known that I totally could have made the honor roll at my school.

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