Josh Hartnett is a Lover Not a Fighter

Josh Hartnett doesn’t like to get his hands dirty. The Black Dahlia actor was rumored to have been involved in a bar fight back in December and the New York Post is reporting that Josh may not be the tough guy type in real life.

According to multiple witnesses, Hartnett did play a role in cooling down an argument inside Whiskey Ward at 2 a.m. But by closing time early Sunday morning, when the boys took their rumble outside, the actor stood quietly by, we’re told.

“At about 4:15, a group of guys jumped [a fellow patron],” said a female witness to the incident. “They threw him to ground and kicked him. And Josh was just standing by and watching,” said the observer, who recounts that the whole fight lasted about four or five minutes.

Friends of Hartnett, along with his reps, denied that account, and said he tried to stop the fight by loudly saying, “Everyone just relax and grow up.” His pals also claim the other guys were the aggressors, and that one of them “cold-clocked” a member of the actor’s crew in the head. But witnesses for the other side said Hartnett’s friends “were aggressive jerks.”

Yeah, because standing off to the side and telling a group of drunken brawlers to “grow up” is the most effective way to stop a fight. He should have manned up and jumped in. But I gues he didn’t want to ruin his manicure or get blood on his Armani shirt. Puss. Where’s Clint Eastwood when you need him? He may be 100 years old, but Clint would have ended that fight with one hand stuck behind his back pulling up his Depends.

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