Kirsten Dunst Can Read

So Kirsten Dunst is hanging in Maui doing what all girls on vacation do. She’s smoking like a chimney stack and hiding behind a Carl Sagan book…oh and displaying her ladylike side by flipping the paparazzi the bird.

Now for all of you who slept through astronomy class (or were too busy making out in the planetarium to watch the blinking electric stars…not that I would know anything about that) here’s a quickie on Carl Sagan. He was a super famous atronomer, worked on finding extra-terrestrial life and wrote the book Contact that became the Jodie Foster movie. See, gossip can be educational.

You know, it’s a good thing Kirsten is famous because otherwise she’s just a pasty looking girl who likes to read science books. That would make her the lonely girl who sat behind me in math class and kept blowing the curve. I’ll bet that girl liked Spider-Man too.

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