Jude Law and Lindsay Lohan Get Cozy

Jude Law must have some sort of addiction to dysfunctional blondes. Sienna Miller’s ex is reportedly making time with newly blonde Lindsay Lohan. The two have been spotted getting snuggly at The Box.

Page Six reports:

She called Jude at 1 in the morning,” said our spy, “and met him at The Box.” The next night, Lohan hit Cipriani Downtown for dinner, stopped by Beatrice Inn, and met up later with Jude at The Box again – this time joined by Law’s pals Sean Penn and Tim Robbins. “They are adoring one another’s company,” said one sly observer, who could not confirm or deny any “dating.”

Don’t you just love the idea of Lindsay Lohan sitting down with Sean Penn and Tim Robbins? The artsy and super liberals buds must love having Lindsay plop down in the midst of their conversation on the war in Iraq, flip her hair and say something profound like “what do you mean you don’t like my rack?”

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