Prince Harry Falling Down or Falling Down Drunk?

Prince Harry, the royal sibling who doesn’t have the pressure of being the future kind of England, was caught on film taking a tumble on the mean streets of London. One story says that Harry was hammered when he spotted a photog snapping away. When the royal redhead tried to give the guy a smackdown, Harry ended up on his ass. But reps for Harry’s dad Prince Charles are quick to offer up their own version of events.

From TMZ:

His father’s reps tell a different story, saying that, “as he left the nightclub he started joking around with one of the photographers but unfortunately lost his footing and stumbled.”

I’m not sure the photographer would call being chased by a drunk prince with combat training joking around, but maybe they do things differently in England. Like the way they call an elevator a lift. So maybe in Brit speak “come here you bloody prick so I can bash your skull in” translates to “hey, let’s wrestle in a completely non-homoerotic way.”

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