Madonna’s Hubby Says Too Much

Looks like Madonna’s hubby Guy Richie isn’t a fan of her obsession with Malawi. The less famous half of the celebrity couple is running his mouth about Madonna’s trip…and he’s not playing the supportive husband role.

From The Daily Mail:

Madonna might be smiling it up for the cameras on her current trip to Malawi, but her husband Guy Ritchie thinks the trip has “disaster written all over it,” according to a British tab. The Material Mom took adopted son David Banda back to the orphanage from which she plucked him last year, a move that Ritchie labelled “tasteless,” according to the Daily Mail, and also didn’t think it was such a great idea to go back to Africa with an entire phalanx of chauffeur-driven cars. In fact, he had some PR advice for his wife: “If you do go then at least make sure you get your hands dirty this time.” Meanwhile, schoolkids helped Madge out by pelting reporters’ cars with rocks to keep them away from the Queen of Pop and her entourage.

Does having kids toss rocks at members of the press on your behalf count as getting your hands dirty? I hope Guy has already started looking for a hiding place. Because when Madge hears this she’s going to start warming up her robo-bisceps for one hell of a smack down.

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