Anna Kounikova Needs a Leash

Retired tennis star Anna Kournikova is learning that good looks won’t get you everything. Well, she already figured out that it won’t get you tennis trophies, but now her hot bod and good looks aren’t even enough to save her from a surfer smackdown.

From thew New York Post

Retired tennis hottie Anna Kournikova probably wished she’d bitten her tongue after she yelled at a Miami Beach surfer and his sunbathing puppy, “That dog should be on a [bleep]ing leash!” The surfer snapped back, “Maybe you should be on a [bleep]ing leash!” Our source reports, “All the surfers and bystanders applauded and barked at Anna.” Embarrassed, Kournikova walked around the corner, but “reappeared minutes later with three girlfriends who just stood there scowling.” Kournikova’s rep did not return calls.

So the surfer manages a fantastic comeback and all Anna can do is grab some girls and organize a nasty look brigade. Guess you need more than blonde hair and a backhand when you’re back on the outskirts of the A-list.

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