Hollywood Hotness Bash

So last week US Magazine threw a Hollywood hotness fest. It was basically just a bunch of celebs sitting around congratulating each other for being pretty. A true meeting of the minds in the Holly Hood. And don’t think I’m just being bitchy because I wasn’t invited. It was actually called US Magazine’s Hot Hollywood Party.

So here are some of the folks that were deemed worthy by US Magazine. Lindsay Lohan was there (no word how many casualities her driver caused getting her there). Jennifer Lopez received the Style Icon of the Year Award (so she showed up with metallic eyeshadow and a cadaverous hubby on her arm). Ashlee Simpson and Carmen Electra were both looking pretty good on the red carpet. And of course Paris Hilton and her wonky eye showed up looking really pissed off about something…maybe the monkey bit her again.

See, now it’s just like you were there.

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