Jenna Elfman Defends TomKat

Those Scientologists stick together. Like a bunch of crazy birds all sitting on the same telephone wire. Scientologist Jenna Elfman is publicly defending the marriage of her Hubbard buds Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

From People:

Tom Cruise’s friend and fellow Scientologist Jenna Elfman is shooting down reports that the actor’s five-month marriage to Katie Holmes is unstable.

“Honestly, they’re happy,” Elfman, 35, told PEOPLE at Thursday’s Healthy Child Healthy World benefit in Santa Monica.

“They have a great life and they love each other. For some reason, the media cannot experience that. They must put in things other than the simplicity of it.”

I liked Jenna much better when she was playing goofy yoga chick Dharma. I could actually handle some New Age anaylsis of TomKat. Maybe there’s some planetary alignment aspect to the conspiracy laden marriage that I don’t know about. But real-life Jenna is just sucking up to the head wackjob in the Celebrity Center. Guess she’ll be sitting at the VIP table at the next auditing fundraiser.

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