John Travolta and Kelly Preston are in Denial

John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston are coming under fire for reportedly ignoring their son Jett’s autism. One of the family’s Florida neighbors is going public with allegations that Jett suffers from autism and that John and Kelly are refusing to give him treatment because of their Scientology beliefs.

From Hollywood Interrupted:

I don’t think it’s a stretch to call their treatment of Jett child abuse,” Ocala, Florida restaurant manager Tim Kenny tells Hollywood, Interrupted. Kenny claims he met Travolta at his restaurant in February, and, after “comping” the movie star and his daughter a meal per restaurant policy for celebrities, he asked him, “as one autistic child’s father to another,” if he “was doing anything special in terms of therapy” for Jett. Aghast, Travolta responded, “Well, we involve him in the arts.” Then, he offered to send Kenny a book, and high-tailed it out of the restaurant.

“If I ever received a Scientology book from him [Travolta], I’d find him, and throw it back at him,” says Kenny. “Scientology is keeping him from acknowledging his son’s autism. They see it as a weakness. That’s what the space aliens are telling him I guess.”

The Kennys also claim that Kelly and John “let Jett sit in front of video games all day eating junk food, while they eat the best organic food money can buy. They exclude Jett from all social events because they are embarrassed.”

I don’t even know what to do with this story. I’m hoping this Kenny guy is just really annoyed about John having a runway for a drvieway at his Florida home because I will be seriously bummed if John and Kelly are so Scientologized that they would let their son suffer. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the suits at the Scientology headquarters suddenly told John and Kelly to get Jett some help…having two high profile members busted for child abuse wouldn’t look good on the recruiting posters.

And on a side note, if religions can make legitimate medical issues disappear by refusing to acknowledge them, is there a religion that can make credit card debt disappear? Just curious.

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