Marilyn Manson Didn’t Cheat

Marilyn Manson is denying rumors that he cheated on his burlesque beauty wife Dita Von Teese with his now very public and very young girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood.

From Contact Music:

The musician has since confessed his love for teen actress Evan Rachel Wood, but insists their relationship was strictly platonic up until recently. He says, “I had no friends and I really was alone, literally. I had developed a friendship with Evan and, yes, she is now my girlfriend but it wasn’t me leaving one for another. It took time to discover how much we had in common.”

He had no friends? Duh. This dude is just a big knife away from being the scarey guy in a horror movie. If Manson wants buds he needs to lose the make-up and mismatched contacts, toss on a Hawaiian shirt and throw a kegger.

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