Naomi Watts Gets Hitched

Actress Naomi Watts married her long time boyfriend Liev Schreiber in a secret ceremony last week. The two are expecting their first baby and they managed to beat the stork to the altar.

From The Daily Mail:

Both Naomi and Liev are intensely private people and wanted a very private, personal wedding. They decided relatively recently that they wanted to be married before the birth, in keeping with their traditional, family-centred backgrounds. Nothing’s been confirmed, but they’ve discussed the possibility of having a far more lavish do in the wintertime, or even early next year, where everyone can let their hair down and toast their nuptials in style.”

Naomi is of course the lovely and talented Oscar nominated actress from such films as 21 Grams and King Kong. Liev is…hmmm…well he’s the guy who knocked up Naomi Watts and then married her.

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