Spice Girls Reunion

Girl Power is back. Of course now its more like Mommy Power, but whatever. The Spice Girls are getting back together for a reunion tour. Hmmm…nope, still don’t care, but here are some of the details.

From The Daily Mail:

The girl band will kick off a world tour in America. The five – now all in their thirties – will start on 7 December in Los Angeles – the new home of Posh Spice Victoria Beckham and her family…The reunion tour, which is set to hit London on December 15 and take in Madrid, Koln, Las Vegas, Sydney, Cape Town and Buenos Aires among others…will certainly be lucrative for the Spices. They are expected to pocket about £10 million each.”

And in honor of this not-at-all anticipated reunion of lip-synching, tell the nanny to take the kids to soccer moms, I have renamed all the Spices. Robo Spice, Whatever Happened to Her Spice, Hippie Spice, The Blonde One and Gonna Make Eddie Murphy Pay Spice. You can decide which one is which…like it matters.

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