Madonna Adoption Still Not Certain

So after all the drama and debate over Madonna’s adoption of baby David from Malawi last year, the big decicison day is approaching. The guy in charge of deciding whether Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie get to keep the African not-quite-an-orphan David is heading to London next month to observe the situation.

The head of Malawi’s child welfare will be staying with Madge for as long as five days to decide if David gets to stay with the Material Mom or head back to the orphanage. He says (from The Daily Mail):

“We are worried that the level of public interest might be bad for David. In the normal situation children don’t have cameras in their face. We are not just looking at the positives of being adopted, one of the aspects of an assessment is looking at the negatives.”

Hmmm…cameras in your face when you leave your mansion to get into the air conditioned limo that will take you to private school or sleeping on a cot in an African orphange under mosquito netting and hoping the flies don’t carry your dinner away? Yeah, that’ll take five days to decide.

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