Mary-Kate Olsen Gets it on With Ghandi

Here’s a fun one…Mary-Kate Olsen, the skinner and more bag lady looking of the Olsen Twins, had landed a role in the upcoming movie The Wackness with Oscar winner Ben Kingsley. And the former Ghandi and current zombie swap spit! Sorry, were you eating? I should have warned you.

From The New York Post:

Get ready to cringe during Sir Ben Kingsley’s new movie, “The Wackness,” in which the Oscar-winner, 63, passionately locks lips with tiny Mary-Kate Olsen, 21. Currently shooting in New York, the film directed by Jonathan Levine is about a drug dealer who trades marijuana for therapy sessions with his shrink, played by Kingsley. Insiders say the steamy scene with Olsen – described as a “full on make-out session” – was shot at a Greenpoint watering hole.

See, that’s why Ben has an Oscar…he’s willing to make sacrifices for his art. Screw those guys that lose 50 pounds for a part, kissing that hag is real work.

Photos courtesy of Splash

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