Amy Winehouse’s In-Laws Ask Fans to Cut Off the Drug Money

Looks like Amy Winehouse’s in-laws aren’t fans of her music. Or maybe it’s her drug-filled, beating up their son and jumping in and out of rehab lifestyle that they don’t approve of. Hmmm…tough call.

From TMZ:

Amy Winehouse’s in-laws have urged fans not to buy the troubled singer’s music.

The parents of Winehouse’s husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, also added that Winehouse should not receive any awards for any music nominations that she has been nominated for.

Giles and Georgett Fielder- Civil said that a boycott would give the pair the wake up call they need to sort out their drug problems.

Well, that could make Christmas with the Crackhouses…sorry, Winehouses awkward. Anyway, judging by these vacation pics, Amy and Blake don’t look too upset by Mum and Dad’s boycott plan.

Photos courtesy of Splash

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