Rose McGowan is Engaged

The twisted romance of Rose McGowan and her Grindhouse director Robert Rodriguez has gone to the next level. The two are reportedly engaged.

From Page Six:

Spies in L.A. report she’s been showing off a new diamond engagement ring from director Robert Rodriguez. McGowan met Rodriguez on the set of “Grindhouse” when he directed her as a peg-legged ex-stripper in his half of the double feature, “Planet Terror.” He was soon divorcing his wife.

Awww…I just knew the whole having an illicit affair with a chick you hired to play a stripper with a machine gun for a leg on a film where your wife is the producer would work out. I mean, really, it’s like a fairy tale. I think I just read that story in a Hans Christian Anderson book. Yeah, it was called The Homewrecker and The Adulterer Make it Legal.

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