Macy’s vs. Kimora Lee Simmons

The Baby Phat entrepreneur Kimora Lee Simmons is being sued by Macy’s for allegedly charging them too much on her products and refusing to refund them the profit that she made. Which is sort of confusing, because aren’t they her products? Doesn’t she have the right to decide how much she’ll charge for them? Of course, I’m sure there are all kinds of contractual things, but isn’t that Macy’s bad for not catching it at the time of the transaction? I honestly don’t see how this is anything more than a bunch of suits trying to squeeze money out of nothing.

Kevin Federline on Details

Kevin Federline came in at #7 on Details magazine’s most influential 50 men under 45 issue, which means that either a) men under 45 are all slackers, thus making Federline look better than he actually is or b) he just looks really good in comparison to Britney. Which is highly possible. We have to hand it to the guy, he’s been a model parent by comparison, but influential? I’m not so sure about that one…

Rachel Bilson and Thurman Murmen

Rachel Bilson and Thurman Murmen are probably the happiest couple in Hollywood. Okay, so he’s a dog, but still. Bilson’s rocking the dress/boots/tights look while getting buff guys to help her carry some boxes and bags from an office building. Freebies? Whatever the case, she’s adorableness and so is Thurman.

Lindsay Lohan shops up a storm

Lindsay Lohan is one of those crazy people who went shopping on Black Friday with the hordes of other people looking for good deals. Here she is with her mom and sister. Her sister doesn’t seem to have inherited the addiction to self tanner and bleach, and for this reason looking at her is a welcome reprieve from looking at Lindsay’s orange glow. Remember when Lindsay used to look so fresh faced? Ah, the memories…

Adrien Brody is In Style

Adrien Brody was selected by In Style as the “Man of Style” for 2007. Since I haven’t really seen Adrien Brody in anything but like, cargo pants or a suit, I can’t really judge — since those were in movies. Ooh, but I did like him in those pink boxers in The Darjeeling Limited. I don’t know what it is about him, but I do find his sad eyes and crooked nose to be completely charming.

Russell Crowe, understudy?

Since Brad Pitt jumped ship on the film State of Play, Russell Crowe has been asked to step in to take over the part. Last week, Pitt dropped out of the film because he had issues with the script which couldn’t be reworked because of the writer’s strike. For some reason, I have a feeling it’s either going to take a lot of ass kissing or a really huge paycheck for them to get Mr. Crowe. Can you imagine how awkward that discussion is? “Um, so, Russell…we know we didn’t really want you for the part, but since our megastar is gone, will you just fill in?” Hmmmm…egos don’t like that.

Maggie Q poised for stardom

Maggie Q is set to star alongside gorgeous Hugh Jackson in the X-Men prequel Wolverine. I’m totally excited about this for two reasons: Asian girls rock, and Maggie Q happens to come from my hometown, so even though I’ve never really seen any of her movies I’m totally proud of her! Besides, she’s a hottie.

The Heidi Klum clan visit Mr. Claus


Heidi Klum and Seal took their uber adorable kids to visit Santa in Los Angeles this weekend. The fashionable family jumped the queue and got to visit with Santa right away. You really have to wonder, though, what kids of a supermodel and a pop star could ask for…

More Keira Knightley glamour


Keira Knightley and James McAvoy will appear in Vanity Fair this December to promote their new movie Atonement, directed by Joe Wright and based on the book by Ian McEwan. If McAvoy’s name doesn’t sound familiar and he doesn’t look all that recognizable in the picture, don’t fret; you’ll remember him as LeFroy in Becoming Jane, in which he starred opposite Anne Hathaway. He’s cute in that somewhat rumpled, ruddy cheeked, British way that Hugh Grant once was, but with less…sleaze ball-ish-ness. Keira, in any case, is lovely as well.

Cindy Crawford stays warm in Maui

Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford celebrated Thanksgiving on Maui with her husband and two children (Presley, 8, and Kaya, 6). Not only does the former supermodel look amazing for her 41-years but she’s fit and toned as well! Maybe this is what people look like when they don’t have to eat cookies in order to develop a nice layer of pudge to stay warm through the winter. At least, that’s my reasoning.