Star Jones is a thief!

It’s funny how Star Jones thinks she’s a hotshot diva, when in reality she doesn’t really do anything at all. According to The Daily Dish, Jones is fighting a Detroit Agency called Full and Fabulous, a plus sized women’s group, which wants her to pay them back for the first-class flight, five-star hotel room, and $10,000 advance that they gave her to speak at their conference, only to have Jones play hooky in favor of the Super Bowl. According to the article:

But on her Court TV show on Monday, Jones Reynolds claimed the Full and Fabulous organization is in the wrong, because they only paid $10,000 of her agreed fee in time for the event, therefore breaching their contract.

And the outspoken presenter alleges the group failed to secure “the level” of hotel requested, so she and her husband, Al Reynolds, funded the trip at their “own expense.”

My question is two-fold: Is Star Jones still “full”? And was she ever fabulous?

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