Chuck Norris is such a

You sing it honey. So you know all those cool Chuck Norris facts that you passed around to your dad, your old college buddies that are working two-bit jobs and your cubicle mates? Those tough as hell facts that finally made Chuck Norris cool again and made you feel like you should go out and join a fight club?

Chuck is suing the guy who wrote them.

What a total wus. I had forgotten who Chuck Norris was until these facts started going around the Internet. Problem for Chuck is that he says they aren’t facts at all, in fact, he says they are offensive.

If someone wrote a blog about me being able to kick everyone else’s a**, I would dig it. In fact, I would be the main forwarding culprit. You would be sick of me talking about myself. Now we have to take all those facts back.

Thanks Chuck, I hope someone gave you a testicle or two for Christmas because you could use it.

Here is the AP article, but it just confirms that Chuck Norris is a wus.

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