Katie Holmes’ new ‘do

Katie Holmes attended the 2007 Bambi Awards in support of her husband Tom Cruise, sporting this helmet-like haircut that looks eerily familiar…but why? Oh, that’s right, Suri has the same one! Except Suri is a baby and looks darling all the time, whereas Katie, here, looks like she’s wearing a bad Cleopatra costume, complete with wig. I miss the days when Katie Holmes used to have long hair and actually smiled like she meant it.

Sarah Jessica Parker hearts NY

Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted on her way home from the market with her 5-year-old son James Wilke. During the week, the actress has been busy shooting scenes for the upcoming Sex and the City movie. Last week, photos were released of SJP in an A-line skirt and sleeveless vest outside of the New York Public Library. It’s November! The woman can run in stilettos and wear sleeveless things in the winter. All hail SJP…

Who’s the liar???

In Touchmagazine doesn’t like looking like an asshole. After publishing an issue that declared that Britney Spears is pregnant with music producer J.R. Totem’s baby, Spears and Totem denied the claim. In an attempt to illustrate their sources, the magazine is sending a photograph of the text correspondence they held with Totem, regarding the alleged pregnancy (above). My god, this is like a giant game of Clue!!!