Nicole Kidman is SO pregnant.


And I am happy to report that thankfully, Tom Cruise’s sperm has nothing to do with this production. Instead, it’s Keith Urban. And because it is Keith Urban and NOT Tom Cruise, I happily predict that the baby will receive the gift of a normal freaking name.

Associated Press says, Nicole Kidman is pregnant, her publicist confirmed Monday. The 40-year-old actress and her husband country singer Keith Urban “are expecting a baby,” publicist Catherine Olim said in a brief statement. “The couple are thrilled,” Olim said.

And More.

Page Six has heard from extremely well-placed sources that the Oscar-winning Aussie – who’s suffered miscarriages in the past – not only has a bun in the oven but is so concerned about the welfare of her unborn child that she’s taking a break from her film career and has dropped out of director Stephen Daldry’s post-World War II Germany drama “The Reader,” which she was supposed to start shooting this month.

I bet Cruisentology is chomping at the bit to name this kid Blue Moon or Hunting Mighty, or something freakish like that.

Here are some more pics. Tom Cruise is not in them.


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