Michelle Rodriguez, already socialiting it up again.


She told TMZ, “I got some New Year’s celebrating to do.”

This comes just heels on her release day that happened due to overcrowded prisons. What a total freaking hottie. I freaking love her now. I love the fact that she isn’t a quitter, she proves now that she can hang with the big boys.

Man I really want to take her to hooters for some football, wings and pitchers. She is so much awesomeness I can hardly take it. Somewhere some guy is going to be really lucky. Or maybe a lot of guys will be really lucky. At the same time.

Michelle is just one of the guys, only better, because you can bang her.

Looks like Michelle is riding in the backseat here, good for her. No more DUI’s, just strange dudes giving her rides home from this point forward.

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