Audrina Partridge, letting it all hang out.


Look at those eyes. Look at those perfect teeth. The skin, soft as a babies bottom. And that dress, it’s to die for.

Oh yeah, the panties are showing in case you didn’t notice. I noticed, because I am a man. Like a real man. In fact, I was just finishing up a Bud Beer can while writing this blog entry. That is how I roll.

Man Audrina sure is hot. But totally unnoticed as she is usually the kicking post between Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad, her co Hills stars. Might I suggest a Sex Tape for Audrina Partridge? Sometimes you gotta think outside the box, or show the box, however you look at things.

More Audrina Partridge pictures.

audrina partridge upskirt 01 audrina partridge upskirt 02 audrina partridge upskirt 03

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