Sarah Michelle Gellar does a Vaseline ad


Vaseline is now doing a contest on their website where you get to try to guess a “mystery celebrity.” Um. They should have called it “obvious celebrity.”

Or better yet, just not done it in the first place.

Hey, I am all for vasaline and Sarah Michelle Gellar, but only when accompanied with a motel 6 room (parking lot side, not pool side, so I am close to my car in case I leave my cell in there) and some old Jenna Jameson flicks.

Last time we saw Sarah she was trying to hang ten. It was pretty unimpressive, much like this picture shoot with vaseline. I think she needs to go back to slaying evil vampires instead of douchebags like Freddie Prinze jr.

sarah michelle gellar naked vaseline 01 sarah michelle gellar naked vaseline 03

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