Hilary Duff at a press conference in Brazil.


How much oil did she use to achieve this look?

Answer: Who gives a f*&k. It is really hot.

So stop asking stupid questions. Wow would I love to have a wrestling match with her, both of us covered in baby oil, the sliding, slipping, …. ok, enough from me. But seriously, look at her skin, it’s perfect. She is a true hotty, bless her heart. Long live baby oil. I think it might be time for me to take a flight down to Brazil, they must have something in the water down there that makes girls even hotter than they already are.

Brazilians are already the hottest girls on the planet. If they can now turn our chicks hotter, I am moving.

Here are some more pictures of oiled up hotty, Hilary Duff.

hilary duff brazil 01 hilary duff brazil 02 hilary duff brazil 03 hilary duff brazil 04

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