Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams drug video stopped.


Page Six says, Paramount, the studio behind “ET,” was soon flooded with calls. Scarlett Johansson text-messaged: “As if Heath’s poor family doesn’t have enough to suffer through.” A rep for Johansson confirmed she “was involved.” “ET” producers also got a call from Natalie Portman and e-mails from Josh Brolin and Sarah Jessica Parker, said a source.

It’s a video of Heath doing drugs, not the Daniel Pearl beheading video. Not that his death isn’t a sad thing, but don’t other celebs have more meaningful things to do with their time? The autopsy said it wasn’t drugs that killed him, so what is the big deal really?

I mean, I don’t see what airing the video gets anyone, but when celebs make a big deal out of it, they place it even more in the limelight than if they’d have just left it alone.

A little common sense here kids. It goes a long ways.

That being said, Scarlett Johansson, can you please text me. I think your really hot.

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