Sam Lufti banned from Britney Spears


You heard me, he now has a court ordered 22 day restraining order against him.

TMZ says, The judge in the hearing today has issued a restraining order against Sam Lutfi — ordering him to stay away from Britney Spears.

The judge found that Lutfi has been harassing Britney. Thus the civil harassment restraining order.

This will effectively bar Lutfi from going to the hospital.

The restraining order is in effect for 22 days, but court observer and uber-attorney Goldie Schon tells TMZ that Brit’s folks could turn it into a permanent order at the end of those 22 days.

Here is what’s really funny, most sane people wouldn’t need a judge to tell them not to hang out with Britney Spears. Listen, I don’t even hang out with people that use the words “like” or “bro,” much less if they come around speaking like a British person when they aren’t British. Sam, might be time to find some new pals. Kinda hard to go get Jerry’s Deli with someone that isn’t allowed to be around plastic butterknifes anymore.

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