Aaron Carter arrested for marijuana


Ummm…can anyone say serial killer? What is wrong with him now? He looks like a mix between Pee Wee Herman and Satan.

Star says, “After he was stopped, his car was searched and some marijuana – less than two ounces – was found in the vehicle,” Kimble County Sheriff Michael Chapman told Star. “Mr. Carter was placed under arrest and charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana and speeding. His car was impounded.” 

They actually took his two pit bulls and impounded them. Not to worry though, Satan got out and was able to bail them out. Apparently he was really upset. I didn’t think Satan ever cried. This really hurts to find out, like when I found out that Jessica Alba was pregnant.

I really think he needs to cut his hair and his nose. Like cut his nose off. Thatt thing is just way to pointy. He has the eyes of Rasputin. Weird.

More Satan Aaron Carter pictures.

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