Academy Awards parade gets rained on.


It was raining in LA and that seemed to have an effect on the Academy Awards success. Of course, the red carpet bleachers were still filled with weirdos, stalkers and potential serial killers. But the show’s viewer -hip was down 14 percent from last year. No Country for Old Men won best picture. Another highlight was this Scottish band that won for best song. Yeah, that was about as good as it got, here are a few other highlights.

Cameron Diaz is starting to look old.

There was a slick spot on the floor just before the podium. Colin Farrel and Miley Cyrus almost bit it. Colin Farrel complained. Sissy.

Before the Awards, on the red carpet, Heidi Klum was asked if there was anyone she couldn’t wait to see. She said “no one.” That’s kind of awesome in a real bitchy kind of way.

A bunch of foreigners won. A bunch of Americans didn’t watch. Do the math on that one.

More Academy Awards pictures.

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