Mick Jagger almost assasinated


Apparently some Hells Angels got upset because Mick vowed to never use them for security again after a 1969 concert. I guess they tried to attack a boat but the plot was foiled by a fan?

AP says, Mangold said the men tried to reach Jagger by sea. “The boat was hit by a storm and all of the men were thrown overboard,” he was quoted as saying. They all survived but made no other attempt on his life, Mangold said. 

Um, how does one try to kill Mick Jagger? This guy has spent years on years of his life hanging out with Keith Richards, Lord of Walking Dead. Mick has probably had substances more powerful than cyanide in his blood, and that was just to wake up in the morning. Look at him! I think you could put a bullet in his heart and the bullet would ricochet!

Kill Mick Jagger, phew!

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