Joe Francis is a free man, finally.


Put up the velvet ropes in Hollywood tonight and get Paris Hilton on the wire, because Joe Francis is coming home to Hollywood! And he gets the panty dropper car back to boot!

TMZ says, Francis has plead no contest to the charges of filming underage girls, and has been sentenced to time served. He will be on six months’ “non-reporting” probation, and “Girls Gone Wild” can’t film in the area for three years. Bay County, we’re told, will return Joe’s brand new Ferrari, and $60,000 that they confiscated from him last year. 

It seems like he was in jail for roughly 80 years, but something tells me the guy hasn’t changed a bit. Not that I would call that a bad thing, just saying….Man, is he ever going to be in the media circus from here on out. To be honest, I had kind of forgotten about the dude.

Welcome Back Joe.

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