Ashley Dupree GGW video is making rounds.


Before Ashley was playing hustle and flow ho with government officials, and even before she was an almost millionaire,  Ashley Dupree was my bachelor party wet dream. I’m not married and I have never been married. So I have never had a bachelor party. But if I did have a bachelor party, and if my friends brought Ashley Dupre to my bachelor party.

That would be motherf&*c%ing AWESOME!

Whoa…let me calm down for a second.

Ok. Anyways, here is what the video is about.

Palm Beach Post says, Amber hopped on a table in the middle of a hotel lobby crammed with frat boys, one producer told The Post, and launched into a raunchy strip-tease. That’s when the camera crew packed up and returned to their monster bus to leave town.
When asked by our reporter about the party, Amber said: “It got crazy. It was everything you thought it would be.
“It’s not stupid to do it (take off your clothes for GGW). It’s all fun and games.”

It was everything I thought it would be, everything I wanted it to be, and everything I would want in my bachelor party. It’s really unfortunate that a prerequisite for having a bachelor party is finding a girl that likes you enough to say yes to marriage.

Tough world out there.

Here are some more Ashley Dupree table dancing, girls gone wild, pictures

gallery main 0320 ashley dupre ggw 00  gallery main 0320 ashley dupre ggw 01 gallery main 0320 ashley dupre ggw 02 gallery main 0320 ashley dupre ggw 03 gallery main 0320 ashley dupre ggw 05

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