Amy Winehouse, the epitome of all things unsexy.


No matter how many times I think that Amy Winehouse has reached the limits of all things unsexy, she breaks a new barrier. This time it’s with those weird pouches on her face and of course, the new and fresh cutting marks. Either Amy is suffering from that weird cutter mental disease again, or someone needs to buy her a cutting board for the asparagus.

I can honestly say I wouldn’t even drink a cup of coffee after her. Actually, I bet the coffee itself begins to evaporate when Amy looks at it. Like mixing weird chemicals together, Medusa’s eyes and Central American beans; a chemical reaction is only natural.

I think Amy needs to check into the same rehab joint as Britney Spears is in. You know, the one that takes dried up raisins and turns them into pretty puffy grapes again?

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