Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn are happily forever. Again.


Yep, Sean Penn came out with a killer movie, Into the Wild, which I might add, is awesome, and guess what? His marriage with Robin Wright Penn is no longer on the rocks. He is even dedicating songs to her.

AP says, The dismissal came a day after they attended an Eddie Vedder concert at the University of California at Berkeley, where the actor reportedly went on stage to dedicate a song to Wright Penn. 

Eddie Vedder, of course, did the soundtrack to Into the Wild.   Success breeds happy women. Trust me, when a dude is doing well in his life, she doesn’t leave. I remember when I got promoted at Taco Bell when I was in High School, I couldn’t shake my girlfriend with a stick. But the day I quit and wanted to “find myself,” she was out of there only leaving behind a sappy note that her friend probably wrote.

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