Daisy DeLaHoya has a broken heart.

There is more to Daisy DeLaHoya than sexy lingerie.

Ok, take a breath….

Ya, don’t feel bad, I still can’t figure out what else “more” is.


Daisy’s not just some chick you can sleep with.

Ok, well, there goes your lone date-able attribute. I would assume your phone will not be ringing much anymore. The ho-down fight at the end is absolutely classic, and well, sort of hot in a perverse sort of way. There could be shallower subject matter and dumber individuals on one stage, but other than a Jerry Springer episode, I am not sure where one would find it. I would still do Daisy though, something about that naughty, trashy look that does something for me.

Oh, that’s right, I’m a piggish guy!

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